Compiling Power IK for Old Unreal Versions

The Power IK Unreal Plugin is currently only maintained on the latest version of Unreal (4.25 at time of writing). But it should be compatible with older versions of Unreal with minimal modifications.

Compile for Older Unreal Versions

To use PowerIK with an older version of Unreal, you need to add it to your project and recompile the plugin as part of your project.

Remove Engine Installation

First remove any Engine installations of PowerIK before proceeding. Simply delete the PowerIK folder located in your engine plugins folder:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.xx\Engine\Plugins

Install in Project and Compile

  1. Open your project and enable the Control Rig plugin. Save and close the project.
  2. Add the "PowerIK" plugin folder to YourProject/Plugins/
  3. Very the location of the .uplugin file is YourProject/Plugins/PowerIK/PowerIK.uplugin
  4. Right click on YourProject.uproject and select Generate Visual Studio project files
  5. Open YourProject.sln
  6. Locate and open PowerIK.uplugin in the Solution Explorer
  7. Set the EngineVersion to "4.XX.X" (replacing X with your version)
  8. Build the solution and verify that PowerIK is working in your project.

NOTE: This process has been tested with 4.23 and 4.24. Older versions of Unreal may introduce minor changes in API that may require more work.

NOTE: You must have the Control Rig plugin enabled in your project or you will get compiler errors about missing "RigUnit" header files.