PowerIK::SolverSettings Struct

struct POWERIK_LIB_API SolverSettings

The settings used for the core solver. These setting only have to be set once. Though they can all be changed at runtime if desired.

unsigned int SquashIterations

Number of iterations to determine squashed limb shape. Default is 6.

unsigned int StretchIterations

Number of iterations to determine stretched limb shape. Default is 6.

Vec3 WorldUpNormal

Up direction of world. Used for Center of Gravity and Grounding. Default is +Z (Unreal).

float RootRotationMultiplier

Amount to rotate the root in response to effectors. Default is 1.0. Value as high as 3 or 4 may be necessary in some cases.

bool AllowBoneTranslation

Set this to true to support translating bone chains. When true, Power IK will re-calculate chain lengths based on the input pose and not try to retain the length of bone chains from the reference pose. This is useful for bone chains that need to squash/stretch by translating.