Official Power IK Change Log

Added: new features.
Changed: changes in existing functionality.
Deprecated: soon-to-be removed features.
Removed: now removed features.
Fixed: any bug fixes.

[1.54] - 2020-SEP-16

  • Fixed: Bug, bone scale values reset after going through any Power IK node
  • Added: Support for bone translation with new solver AllowBoneTranslation solver setting

[1.53] - 2020-AUG-30

  • Fixed: Ground Node, feet angles respect MaxGroundAngle
  • Fixed: Control Rig, crash when using more than 1 Control Rig in level
  • Fixed: Core Solver, memory leak.

[1.52] - 2020-AUG-02

  • Added: New Body Inertia setting in core solver (with Smooth and Spring modes)
  • Added: Body Inertia settings to Ground Node, Walk Node, Solver Node and Control Rig node
  • Added: Explicit control over final iteration count in solver (exposed on all nodes)
  • Added: Tuned sample 3rd person Mannequin ground node
  • Changed: Walk Node, does not continuously update target plant location (avoids jitter stepping on uneven terrain)
  • Changed: Ground Node, slope setting "Push Feet Outer" supports negative values
  • Changed: Walk Node, stepping parameters exposed as pins
  • Changed: Walk Node, removed clamp on walk parameters
  • Changed: Walk Node, limb struct can be made with blueprint and all properties modified at runtime
  • Changed: Walk Node, only prints teleport warning when "PrintTeleportWarning" is true for debugging

[1.51] - 2020-JUL-01

  • Added: New Anim Graph node! "Power IK Walk" node creates procedural locomotion
  • Added: New Core Solver upgrade efficiently produces more accurate and believable reaching
  • Fixed: Bug in Core Solver; sub-root weights incorrect when Character Root was max distance from Effector
  • Fixed: Bug in Core Solver; Bend Directions not respected when squash caused by sub-root rotation
  • Changed: Ground Node's Delta Smooth Speed property exposed as a pin
  • Removed: Power IK Rig Component (deprecated last release, use Control Rig now)
  • Removed: PowerIK_Funcs blueprint function library (only needed for Rig component)

[1.50] - 2020-JUN-08

  • Added: New Power IK Control Rig integration
  • Added: New Power IK Ground Node, dedicated node for simpler ground setup
  • Added: New Pole Vector support on Power IK Effectors
  • Added: New PowerIK_UnrealCore.h system to make building your own nodes easier
  • Added: New Debug drawing of ground raycast hit points and color coded rays
  • Removed: "IsGrounded" bool from Power IK Effector (use Ground node now)
  • Changed: Pos/Neg Pull Factor default on Ground node set to 0, 0, 1
  • Changed: All "grounded" examples now use Power IK Ground node
  • Changed: "JointLimits" renamed "BoneLimits" for consistency
  • Fixed: Massive refactor of SDK and Plugin code to support rapid development
  • Fixed: Bug in core solver, effectors on inner forks did not squash limbs correctly
  • Deprecated: The Power IK Interactive Rig component (use Control Rig now)

[1.48] - 2020-MAY-31

  • Added: SDK interface for adjusting skeleton before solve is run
  • Added: SDK sample of procedural skeleton adjustment
  • Added: SDK math functions MoveTowards, RotateTowards and PitchYawDecompose w/ comments
  • Fixed: Bug, static foot offset did not follow foot normal
  • Fixed: Bug, ground foot rotation was doubled up if RotateBone was off
  • Changed: Default slope adjustment speed from 75 to 150
  • Changed: Ground alignment code removed from core solver
  • Removed: IsGrounded flag from interactive rig component, didn't make sense & had bugs

[1.47] - 2020-MAY-24

  • Fixed: Bug in core solver, effectors not keeping bones 100% stable
  • Changed: Code cleanup in SDK

[1.46] - 2020-MAY-18

  • Added: Support for Linux platform (multiplayer Linux servers)
  • Added: Support for Unreal 4.25
  • Added: Separate position/rotation spaces on effectors
  • Added: Changelog in docs
  • Added: Docs better describe installation for Engine vs Project
  • Fixed: SDK compiles warning free on clang and MSVC compilers
  • Fixed: Packaging script removes potentially stale POWERIK.dll
  • Added: Packaging script adds Changelog to docs
  • Changed: Packaging script copies Changelog and License to top level folder
  • Removed: (SDK) IsAdditive option on SetEffectorTransform(), assumes Component Space now

[1.45] - 2020-MAY-02

  • Added: "Exclude Bones" list on solver to remove bones from skeleton
  • Fixed: packaging error when plugin installed in engine folder saying "PrecompileForTargets"
  • Added: Error reporting in all SDK function return values
  • Changed: SDK solver code modularized further

[1.44] - 2020-MAY-01

  • Fixed: plugin now works in precompiled mode (outside project)
  • Fixed: compile errors in plugin when not using precompiled headers
  • Fixed: critical bug with string handling exposed on skeleton with many bones

[1.43] - 2020-APR-25

  • Added: Static foot offset parameter to fix minor foot penetration
  • Removed: Ground Plane Bone no longer used or needed (removed)
  • Fixed: incorrect warning of missing counter lean bone when not using counter lean
  • Added: mention of "translucent mode" to interactive rig docs
  • Fixed: PowerIK now works in Standalone mode
  • Fixed: Incorrect warnings about "Missing effector bones called 'None'"
  • Fixed: Warnings, uninitialized GroundSlope variables
  • Fixed: Procedural walking demo initializes foot locations correctly

[1.42] - 2020-APR-23

  • Fixed: Crash when connecting PowerIK to layered blend per bone (and likely some other nodes too)

[1.41] - 2020-APR-21

  • Added: Ground normal smoothed with max angular speed (degrees/sec)
  • Added: Delta smoothing to grounded effectors
  • Changed: Unreal, removed separate Ground struct on Effectors
  • Fixed: Bug, FName to string conversion was using stack memory

[1.4] - 2020-APR-20

  • Added: Ground alignment stride scaling
  • Added: Ground alignment leaning (spine) and counter leaning (head)
  • Added: Ground alignment adjustable foot rotation
  • Changed: Ground alignment documentation includes all new features
  • Added: SDK now fully documented online and commented in code
  • Changed: SDK, all structs passed by const reference
  • Changed: SDK, all settings broken out into structs with sensible default values
  • Fixed: Solver bug causing PullWeight of zero to not be respected on hips.
  • Fixed: General solver bug causing intermediate effectors to stretch skeleton

[1.3] - 2020-APR-10

  • Added: Directional pull weight vectors.
  • Added: "NormalizePulling" option on effectors for adding more power to body
  • Added: "PullBodyAmount" to COG constraint to smooth out spine
  • Added: "RootRotationMultiplier" to adjust amount of rotation on root
  • Added: Ability to remove intermediate bones by setting Stiffness to 1.0
  • Added: Global multiplier on solver node to adjust effector smoothing
  • Added: "Prone" biped ground align demo
  • Added: 3-point VR tracker demo
  • Changed: SDK SetEffectorTransform() split into 3 separate functions
  • Changed: SDK no longer requires local transform in SetBones()
  • Changed: UNREAL Ground settings in separate struct (shareable amongst effectors)
  • Changed: UNREAL Smooth settings in separated struct (shareable amongst effectors)
  • Added: UNREAL, bool toggle on PowerIKRig to disable component without having to remove it
  • Added: Data for ground alignment control (new experimental feature)
  • Fixed: SDK Bug causing elbows to flip in extreme poses
  • Fixed: Unreal Bug causing names to get mangled in debug builds

[1.22] - 2020-APR-04

  • Added: Optional, Pos/Rot temporal smoothing on effectors
  • Added: Global solver alpha to blend everything on/off
  • Added: "RotateLimb" bool on effector rotates whole limb smoothly
  • Changed: "IgnoreRotation" now called "RotateBone"
  • Changed: All solver data private / routed through API
  • Changed: COG constraint now tunable
  • Changed: changelog.txt and license.txt packaged in SDK
  • Fixed: Crash if all PullWeights set to 0
  • Fixed: IsGrounded effectors now inherit ground angle

[1.21] - 2020-MAR-30

  • Added: Support for 3-point VR tracking! (demo soon)
  • Added: Stiffness constraint (experimental)
  • Added: Center of Gravity constraint (needed for VR)
  • Changed: much improved squash and stretch overall
  • Fixed: Unreal project warnings

[0.9] - 2020-MAR-26

  • Added: support for custom bending directions
  • Added: plumbing to support joint limits (coming soon)
  • Changed: improved fork joint rotation (smoother)
  • Changed: effector PullWeights now behave much better
  • Changed: Unreal Rig component effectors smaller and transparent
  • Fixed: bug, crashed on skeletons with fork joints next to each other

[0.8] - 2020-FEB-28

  • Fixed: packaging for Windows and Linux

[0.7] - 2020-FEB-28

  • Added: Power IK Windows build available on Unreal Marketplace